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Axis V: Advanced concepts for Photovoltaics

This research thematic deals with the design, the development and the experimentation of emerging concepts of solar cells.

The photovoltaic (PV) module is indeed an important part of the cost of the delivered solar photovoltaic energy. Our aim is to develop cells that either have a very high efficiency or a moderate cost, key factors for the competitiveness of photovoltaic energy. On the one hand, we work on new concepts of solar cells able to overcome the Shockley-Queisser (SQ) physical limit related to the mono-junction solar cell architecture, and get close to the ultimate limit given by thermodynamics. On the other hand, we develop new concepts of solar cells using organic-inorganic halides in perovskite structures that recently showed to be simultaneously low-cost and efficient.

The Institut FOTON develops a part of its research activity on advanced concepts for photovoltaics on various substrates such as InP, GaP and silicon in terms of epitaxial growth, characterization, modeling and technology of optoelectronics semi-conductor components. In this research axis, a strong priority is given to photovoltaic materials and setups.

  • developing PV multijunction III-V/Si cells
  • hybrid perovskites for PV applications: modeling and tandem cells on Si
  • developing hot carrier celles