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Axis IV: Instrumentation, Optical Sensors and Coherent Imaging

This research axis gathers all activities in the laboratory aiming at improving the performances of optical sensors in the visible, near and far infrared ranges in the domains of biology, health, environment (survey, study and prevision of dispersion of chemical products in complex ecosystems), food security, biology and defense. In addition to improving the classical means of optical sensing/imaging, these activities aim at proposing new breakthroughs such as the development of photonic circuits (lab-on-chip) in the mid-IR coupled to microfluidic circuits.

It is organized in two directions:

The first deals with scalar sensors and includes study and realization of:

  • micro-resonators and polymer integrated circuits, porous silica and porous silicon,
  • Sagnac interferometers for the measurement of non reciprocal physical effects,
  • magnetometers with diamond NV centers,
  • coherent lidars and lidar-radars,
  • optical interrogators with Bragg networks for constraint/stress measurements,
  • spectral and hyperspectral analysis in IR and MIR,
  • integrated optics on chip, based on chalcogenide glasses.

This first direction also includes a participation to the Virgo/LIGO consortium for gravitational wave detection.A sensor project is related to the B-Com IRT.

The second direction deals with matrix sensors, i.e. image sensors. It aims at exploring and developing new imaging modalities such as:

  • polarimetric microscopy and endoscopy with orthogonality breaking,
  • thermal imaging for transportation (MIR in scattering medium), biophotonics and health,
  • spectro-polarimetry and ballistic photon imaging,
  • wide field imaging with microwave demodulation,
  • compressive imaging.

The last two sub-directions rely on a co-design approach aiming at the joint development of hardware and software parts of an instrument or sub-system. The statistical signal and image processing is the keystone in such developments.