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Axis VI : Lasers Physics and Metrology

This research axis deals with the theoretical and experimental needs of the five other thematic axes of the laboratory, as well as academic and industrial partners, in the domains of the design, realization and characterization of new laser sources.

This thematic research axis is organized in complementary sub directions :

  • theory and modeling of the dynamics of single frequency, dual frequency and multi frequency continuous and pulsed lasers,
  • design, realization and optical characterization of semi-conductor, solid state, fiber/waveguides laser sources, and of the associated passive components (integrated, micro-spherical, …)
  • characterization and functionalizing of new laser materials, in the domains of the visible, the near and mid infrared.

The scientific priorities are :

  • exotic wavelength lasers (GaN around 400 nm and 2 µm),
  • low intensity noise semiconductor, solid and fiber lasers,
  • whispering gallery mode lasers and micro-resonators,
  • ultra high spectral purity lasers, including Brillouin lasers,
  • power fiber and dual frequency lasers,
  • scalar and vectorial pulsed lasers,
  • transverse effects in lasers,
  • mode coupling and synchronization.

The laser sources developed in this thematic axis address the application domains of the environment, sea, health, food industry, optical telecommunications, spatial and defense.