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SP team

Master research Internship : Near-UV Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC)

first semester of 2022 (4 months minimum)

SP team aims to lay the foundation toward chip-scale integration of photonic circuitry in the near ultraviolet range. This internship subject may be extended by a PhD in September 2022.

NUV photonic devices, like coherent sources and optical functions, may address in a near future large domains of applications as for the next generation of biomedical diagnosis tools in particular through Raman spectroscopy as a noninvasive chemical and biological analysis technique of pollutants, medicine, cells... They can also address new paradigm in optical frequency metrology, optical functions and sensors in this uncovered wavelength domain. Coherent sources like narrow lasers and optical frequency combs are important tools in fundamental and applied physics. Short wavelength coherent sources are of great interest when interferences are involved. The need for coherent sources in the NUV is also driven by the rich variety of molecular and atomic spectral features to probe. Their study through compact sources may open up applications in sensing for medical, environment, and security applications.

This master research internship project concerns the design, fabrication and characterization of building blocks like GaN laser diode and associated integrated optical functions using UV-transparent materials platforms. It takes part at the early stage of a new trend in photonics to transpose integrated functions and components, first demonstrated at telecom wavelengths, to the blue and ultraviolet domains.

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Application procedure

Please submit your application at your earliest convenience by e-mail to :
stephane.trebaol, loic.bodiou, joel.charrier

Your application should include :
*- Cover letter
*- Detailed CV
*- Name and contact details of two potential referees
*- Recommandation letters, if applicable
*- Grade transcripts
*- List of publications, if applicable