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Emerging materials and nanostructures for photonics

Our works deal with integrated photonics at the micrometric and nanometric scale, from material patterning to optical characterizations of passive and active devices. Polymers are materials of great interest since they present a large choice of optical properties, enabling the design of guiding structures from the UV to the infrared range [Gou15]. They also offer original solutions of patterning at low fabrication cost thanks to their liquid-phase processability.

Theoretical investigations (FDTD, numerical simulation,…) are also a part of our activities for predicting and understanding wave propagation phenomena involved in such integrated devices.


PhD theses (past/ongoing)
John BIGEON, « Propagation sub-longueur d’onde au sein de nanotubes et nanofils polymères passifs et actifs », 2014.


Resolution spectra systems (Meylan, France)