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CO group «Communications Optiques» (Optical Communications)


Manager of research group: Pr. Laurent BRAMERIE

The Optical Communications group studies passive and active components in order to realize optical functions, to assess their impact in optical transmission systems and / or in devices for applications in different areas like security, defense, health, industry, and environment.

The work of this group is based on materials and structures made by academic and industrial laboratories (including OHM team)). It has as well a very strong interaction with technological platforms, in particular PERSYST.

The following topics are specifically addressed by this group:

  • Optical functions for optical data processing: components for phase modulation, optical functions based on nonlinear optical processes for wavelength conversion, optical regeneration, Wavelength Division Demultiplexing (WDM), Optical Time Demultiplexing (OTDM);
  • Study for optical transmissions: characterizations of optoelectronic components and devices in transmission systems for optical and metro access networks, advanced modulation format using multi-level in amplitude and phase.