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Postdoctoral position in the area of optical communication systems

as soon as a suitable candidate has been identified (12-month position)

Signal Processing and Coherent Detection for Dynamic Optical Networks

The evolution of high-capacity optical networks towards enhanced flexibility and dynamic operation, where a single receiver may need to switch its operation between different channel wavelengths, different modulation formats and different symbol rates calls for new approaches in the implementation of digital coherent receivers. Widely tunable lasers may for instance provide the required fast wavelength tunability, but their linewidth may not always be compatible with the detection of high-order modulation formats such as m-QAM. Enhanced receiver design, including adapted digital signal processing is likely to improve the performance of such dynamic receivers. One point that will be further addressed in this project is whether the introduction of all-optical signal processing techniques could also contribute to reaching some of these goals.

This project will be carried out in the framework of the SENDATE (SEcure Networking for a DATa center cloud in Europe) project supported by the CELTIC+ cluster of the EUREKA network.

Please submit your application at your earliest convenience by e-mail to :
Christophe PEUCHERET