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Postdoctoral position in the area of coherent sources for sensors and telecoms applications

starting before March 1st 2018 (12-month position)

Advanced optical characterizations and metrological instrumentation for coherent sources in the visible and infrared for sensors and telecoms applications

The objectives concern the development of single-frequency laser sources and the associated optical instrumentations for coherency measurements and laser stabilization. The purpose is to gain better understanding of the lasers properties, prospects and limitations.

The successful candidate will be involved in collaborative projects (Solbo and DeepBlue) with industrial partners and academic laboratories. Those projects aim to achieve highly coherent sources, possibly leading to significant advances from a scientific and industrial point of view in areas including instrumentation, sensors and telecoms.

Three types of coherent lasers are investigated: Brillouin fiber lasers and semiconductor frequency comb lasers in the infrared band (1.5 µm) and external cavity diode lasers in the visible band (405 nm). Foton in collaboration with Rince (Dublin City University) has recently demonstrated the noise reduction for the lines of a quantum-dash mode-locked Laser, with 14 sub-kHz lines, showing 63 dB reduction for the linewidth of the central line.

Within the project Solbo, a Brillouin fiber laser with 40 dB frequency noise reduction have been obtained corresponding to an intrinsic linewidth of 2.5 Hz and an integrated linewidth of 1.5 kHz.
Within the project DeepBlue, the objectives are to investigate optoelectronic and all optical techniques to reduce and stabilized monofrequency diode lasers at 405 nm.

The successful candidate will directly interact with three PhD students working on the above mentioned projects. She/He will supervise the improvement of noise measurement sensitivity and develop laser stabilization techniques. This instrumentation will be applied to enhance the coherency of the visible and infrared sources.

Candidates should have a PhD degree in photonics, preferably including documented qualifications in the areas of laser physics (static and dynamical properties of lasers), nonlinear optics (phase noise measurements), and instrumentation (relative intensity noise and frequency noise measurements). Skills in laser stabilization techniques would be greatly appreciated.

Please submit your application by e-mail to:
Stéphane TREBAOL