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SP Team

Ph.D. scholarship in the area of lasers physics

starting in september 2019

Coherent High-Q micro-resonator blue light sources

The development of compact coherent sources has been strongly triggered by the emergence of optical telecommunications in the 70’s. Continuous wave single mode lasers or frequency comb sources are unavoidable modern photonic tools for a wide variety of applicative domains ranging from trace gas detection to optical clocks.

A trend consists in harvesting the know-how acquired in the near infrared band to spread it to surrounding regions of the optical spectrum. The COMBO project is part of this process addressing the blue range of the spectrum.


Coherent visible sources, whispering gallery modes resonators, optical feedback


Stéphane TREBAOL, Patrice FÉRON


Your application should include :
- Cover letter
- Detailed CV
- Copy of M.Sc. degree or equivalent
- Grade transcripts
- List of publications, if applicable
- Contact details of two references