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PhD open position in the area of quantum communication networks

starting in october 2019 (36 month position)

Entanglement is a fundamental property on which rely the most remarkable quantum effects, and is the key resource for many applications in the fields of quantum communication and quantum information processing. It sets the stage for the development of quantum computers (with a huge increase of computational power compared to current devices) and for ultimate security of data sharing thanks to tamper-proof cryptography protocols. The ability to generate entangled photon pairs and to distribute entanglement through complex communication networks (and not only between two preset users through one independent transmission channel) is a prerequisite for industrial spreading and implementation of quantum communication networks. Until now, the only approach that has been studied (and experimentally demonstrated) for such a multipartite distribution of entanglement relies on wavelength-division multiplexing (from a broadband entangled photon pair source). This approach is particularly opportune since it allows to benefit from the resources developed for many years within the telecom community on wavelength-division multiplexing, which are both competitive and commercially available.

The project related to this PhD thesis proposes a new approach and new technological solutions for multipartite distribution of entanglement. By fully exploiting the benefits of the new resources recently developed for classical telecom networks (and their associated advantages in terms of data-carrying and distribution capacities), these solutions would be compatible with the next generation of telecom infrastructures and increase the potential number of users in the quantum network.


Photon pair sources – Space-division multiplexing – Nonlinear processes – Intermodal
phase-matching – Quantum communication networks




All candidates have to send by email the following documents:
- Cover letter describing the candidate motivations for the position
- Detailed curriculum vitae (CV)
- Copy of the master’s degree or equivalent
- List of publications if applicable
- Contact details of two references