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Cutting edges for exciton on hybrid perovskites

13 March 2017

Cutting edges for exciton on hybrid perovskites

(Science 2017) A Franco-American researchers team has elucidated the origin of the remarkable performances of devices based on layered perovskites for photovoltaic and light emission. This is based on the spontaneous conversion of electron-hole pairs, also called excitons, into free charge carriers via specific states located on the edges of the thin films used in the devices (...)

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World record for photon capture in micro-resonators

29 March 2016

World record for photon capture in micro-resonators

(Physical Review Letters, mar. 2016) The introduction of a slow-light medium in an optical micro-resonator extends the lifetime of a photon circulating in the device by several orders of magnitude.

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Current trends in Optical and X-Ray metrologies for emerging technologies (OptoX NANO)

Current trends in Optical and X-Ray metrologies of key enabling nanomaterials/devices for the (...)

Crystallinity and Photovoltaic Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells developed by hot-casting method

(Adv. Energy Mater. 2017) It is discovered that the precursor solution aging time before it is cast into a thin film, is a subtle but a very important factor that dramatically affects the overall thin- film formation and crystallinity and therein factors such as grain growth, phase purity, surface uniformity, trap state density, and overall solar cell performance (...)

Integrated Lasers on Silicon, 1st edition

(iSTE-Elsevier, july 2016) This book presents a didactic presentation of the state of art on lasers for integrated photonics on silicon chips: description of the need for efficient laser sources on silicon, different ways of integration in microprocessors, description of main realizations, monolithic integration, cavity geometries, integration strategies (...)

High-efficiency perovskite solar cells: an entirely new growth alternative and increased stability

(Nature, july 2016) The new perovskite sector for photovoltaics, born in 2012-2013, is entering a second phase after an initial period marked by a tremendous increase in conversion performance records. (...)

Accumulation of charges in photovoltaic cells perovskites: Solar cells that self-repair in the dark!

(Nature Communications, may 2016) First experimental demonstration, and detailed analysis of the self-healing of perovskite cells after a very slow degradation of photovoltaic yields under solar radiation. (...)