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Technologic platform for photonic integrated circuits: CCLO

Scientific coordinator: Mohammed GUENDOUZ
Technical coordinator: Jonathan LEMAITRE

Since 2003, the CCLO technology platform performs studies for researchers of FOTON lab as well as for any industrial or academic partners in the field of integrated optics technologies and characterizations of optical materials and devices. The platform provides services to private companies (contact: Mohammed GUENDOUZ) as subcontracting.

The platform is constituted of cleanrooms for the realization of photonic integrated circuits. The instruments available for the micro-technology and physical characterizations are summarized: Resolution photolithography to 0.5 µm linewidth (KarlSüss-MJB4 mask aligners), Physical vapour deposition of dielectric films (e.g. silicon dioxide, silicon nitride), Evaporation and sputtering of metal contacts, Plasma and Reactive Ion Etching (Corial), Wet chemical etching, High thermo-oxidation, SEM Measurement and Optical Microscope.

The technological expertise of the platform covers a wide field of processed materials to fabricate photonic integrated circuits for optical communication and sensing applications. Currently, the studied materials are polymers films (with variable refractive index), chalcogenides layers (doped or not doped), germanium layers and nanostructured semiconductors (porous silicon) and porous silica.

The platform is also focused on optical characterizations in the visible to mid-infrared wavelength range. It is equipped by m-lines set-up (Metricon) to measure the layers refractive index, Raman Spectrophotometer (Horiba - Jobin Yvon), UV - Visible - Near IR Spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer), Interferometers (Ocean Optics) and Mid-IR horizontal coupling set-up.

Examples of fabricated integrated structures