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Nanorennes platform

Scientific coordinators: Cyril PARANTHOËN (FOTON), Olivier DE SAGAZAN (IETR)
Technical coordinators: Thomas BATTÉ (FOTON), Christophe LEBRETON (IETR)

The Nanorennes platform has been created in 2007, and labeled by the CNRS as a proximity technological center. Nanorennes is part of the 2nd circle national network, made up of 9 proximity platforms, providing additional support to the Renatech technological platforms. Nanorennes consists in gathering within the same entity the facilities for the nanofabrication of IETR (microelectronics group) and FOTON (OHM group) labs. Most of the experimental research activities of the FOTON-OHM researchers are conducted within the Nanorennes platform, consisting in material growth/deposition, device processing and characterization experiments. A second aim of the platform is to provide services to academic resarchers and private companies.

The platform is constituted of two clean rooms (class 100 (ISO5) and class 1000 (ISO6)), covering an area of more than 350 m² on both sites (FOTON-OHM at INSA campus, IETR at Rennes 1 University). Nanorennes is thus covering a wide area of technological expertise in the micro-nano-fabrication: from electronic devices and sensorsto photonic devives.

Seven permanents people are involved within the platform activities, from research to services.

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