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Platform for Evaluation and Research on telecommunication SYSTems (PERSYST)

Scientific manager: Christope PEUCHERET
Technical manager: Laurent BRAMERIE

PERSYST is a research platform at the CNRS FOTON laboratory offering test-bed facilities accessible through collaborative research projects or as a commercial service targeting start-ups or SMEs, as well as larger public or private institutions. The platform is dedicated to the characterisation of systems and devices in the area of optical communications.

The platform is open to both industry and academic laboratories. Services provided include technical consulting, testing and validation of components resulting in test reports, application notes, component specifications, or in research programs. It also supports the research in the area of optical communications carried out at the FOTON laboratory

The main test-beds include:
- Generation, detection and transmission of advanced optical modulation formats for core, metropolitan and access networks at bit rates ranging from 10 Gbit/s to 100 Gbit/s. This includes modern modulation formats such as dual-polarisation quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK), quadrature amplitude modulation (e.g. 16-QAM) and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), as well as the use of coherent detection with digital signal processing;
- Test facilities for future access networks, enabling the systematic characterisation of low-cost devices (directly modulated lasers, reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers, speciality fibre, etc.);
- Set-ups for the characterisation of photonic integrated circuits, including silicon photonic devices, photonic crystal components, components resulting from the hybrid integration of active and passive materials. The characterised devices can then be tested in a system context, for instance for signal generation, or all-optical signal processing.

Many companies and laboratories have already trusted us and PERSYST has been involved in more than 10 national and European projects since 2010. The research area mainly covers optical signal processing for high bit rate optical telecommunications and access networks. More than 130 journal and conference papers have been published since the platform establishment in 2003. Five people are directly involved with the platform activities (professor and engineers). About four PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers directly work with the platform tools in various research programs.

Thanks to its high level of expertise and its high performance equipment, the platform forms an important bridge between device and component manufacturers on one hand and system and sub-system providers on the other.

View online : Persyst website