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Guided Optics and Sensors

Head of the group Joël CHARRIER

Launched in 2012, the Guided Optics and Sensors group (OGC in French for “Optique Guidée et Capteurs”) is composed of 27 people (year 2014): 19 permanent researchers (from institutions such as: Université de Rennes 1, CNRS and Télécom Bretagne), 5 PhD students, 3 non-permanent research engineers and postdoctoral positions.

The main research topics are oriented towards:

  • Integrated optics and associated functions
  • Optical characterizations and optical coupling methods
  • Optoelectronics systems design

The OGC members develop their expertises in the following areas:

  • Technology for integrated optics circuits based on different kinds of materials: specific polymers, porous silicon and silica, special glasses (doped silica, chalcogenides, silicon nitride…)
  • Physics of materials and of optical interfaces for improved singlemode optical waveguides (characterizations, surface analyses, material interfaces, incorporating of molecules, etc..)
  • Design of functions in integrated optics particularly based on mircrorings resonators, high confined waveguides, nonlinear optics waveguides, sensor waveguides.
  • New characterization methods of fibers and integrated circuits
  • Optical coupling of waveguides and fibers specially for specific waveguides and very small optical propagating modes.
  • Design of sensors in the domains of life science, agriculture and industry (automotive).
  • Signal processing and embedded intelligence associated with sensor systems

The group’s works are supported by the technological means of the integrated optical platform, CCLO, as also by the optical characterization laboratories of Foton.