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Photonic Systems

Head: Patrice FERON

The research topics of this team are focused on photonic systems including lasers, optical sensors and optical communications.
Various technologies based on standard and specialty optical fibres, integrated optical waveguides, semiconductor components, micro- and nano-cavities are studied. Their implementation in devices or systems and their advanced characterisation heavily rely on the two technology platforms hosted by the team.

The Photonic Systems team is composed of two research groups:

- the Lasers & Telecoms group: studies are oriented towards the physics and implementation of photonic devices targeting applications in sensing, all-optical signal processing and high-speed optical communication systems.;

- the Guided Optics and Sensors group: studies focus on integrated optics and micro-optics technologies for optical signal processing and sensors, with applications primarily in the areas of telecommunications and health.

This team furthermore supervises 2 technology platforms:

- the Lannion Common Centre for Optics (CCLO)

- the Platform for Evaluation and Research on telecommunication SYSTems (PERSYST)

as well as technological resources in:

- ChARACterizations and optical ASsembling tools (CARACAS)

The research team is composed of staff from University of Rennes 1 (ENSSAT and Lannion IUT), Telecom Bretagne and CNRS, which currently adds up to about 60 people including:

  • about 30 professors or assistant/associate professors
  • about 20 PhD students and postdoc positions
  • a dozen of technicians, engineers and administrative staff

The Photonic Systems team occupies 1,000 m² of offices, 1,200 m² of laboratories (including 200 m² of clean room) and supervises a budget of approximately € 1 million per year (salaries non included) funded by the Region of Brittany (45%), the European Union (50%) and industry (5%).