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Foton / Enssat seminary

« Metrology of Optical Frequencies and Compact Frequency Combs »

Dr. Vincent RONCIN (LPL)

12th february 2018 from 10:30 to 12:30, at Enssat-Lannion (amphi 137C)

In a first part of my presentation I will remind fundamental basics of Time and Frequency Metrology with experimental tools (molecular references and stability transfer cavities) and mathematical tools (Allan Variance) needed for metrological characterization of optical oscillators. I will illustrate my presentation with two common laser stabilization techniques: the first one aims to provide short term stability using a stable cavity (Pound-Drever-Hall technique), the second to give long term stability using a molecular transition in a vapor cell (saturated absorption technique).

In a second part, I will introduce compact frequency combs technology and their interest for metrology applications. Then I will present our recent experimental results on a frequency comb, based on a semiconductor Mode Locked laser Diode stabilized onto a fibered transfer-cavity referenced on an Acetylene transition in saturated absorption. Finally, I will discuss about frequency comb stabilization based on optical injection assisted with optoelectronic feedback.

Dr. Vincent RONCIN
Laboratoire de Physique de Lasers (LPL)
Université Paris 13 - Institut Galilée
99, av. J.B. Clément