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Research projects

Below is the list of projects in which is involved ( current projects) or has been involved ( completed projects) the Foton laboratory:

PIANIST : PhysIcAl properties of hybrid semimetal/semicoNductor III-V/Si maTerials

This project aims at exploring the physical properties of hybrid semimetal/semiconductor III-V/Si materials

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Single Blue : Stabilization of InGaN external-cavity diodes laser on optical or molecular references

Reduction of te contribution of low frequency noise in blue lasers (...)

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Mid-VOC : Photonic integrated sensor based on porous materials for Mid Infrared detection of volatile organic compounds

Integrated optical spectroscopic sensor to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the Mid-Infrared from exhaled breath.

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MUESLI : Monomode UltracohErent InGaN Semiconductor Laser dIode

Realization of miniature III-nitride highly coherent single mode blue lasers

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DEEP BLUE : High-purity blue laser diode for chemical analysis of the marine environment

Design of single-frequency laser diodes at short wavelengths (blue, violet or even deep UV) by improving the spectral and spatial properties of commercial laser diodes

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3D OPTICAL MANY CORES : 3D many-core architectures based on optical network on chip

Investigation on how novel optical technologies could improve energy efficiency and data rate of on-chip interconnects used in many-core microprocessor architectures

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MuSTANG : ╬╝-resonators based on gallium phosphide for photonic integration

Nonlinear optical properties of gallium phosphide microdisk resonators and lasers in a view of their future integration on CMOS compatible silicon chips

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CINT : Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies

Franco-American exchange program for researchers between ISCR, FOTON and LANL

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OPTOSI: epitaxial integration of III-V OPTOelectronic devices on SI

Demonstration of disruptive pathways towards the integration of III-V-based photonic functionalities on a single chip for optical interconnects

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SYMPHONIE : Silicon photonic crYstal integrated Microwave PHOtoNIcs filtEr

Development of integrated photonic crystal components on SOI for optoelectronic applications and opto-hyper digital communications

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MENHIRS : Monolithique intEgratioN of High effIciency III-V solaR cells on Silicon

Monolithic integration of high-efficiency CPV multijunction devices on a monocrystalline silicon substrate

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COPERNICUS : Compact Otdm/wdm oPtical rEceiveRs based on photoNic crystal Integrated CircUitS

Realization of compact demultiplexing receivers for 100 Gb/s OTDM and WDM signals, based on photonic crystal technology (membrane guides in III-V semiconductor materials)

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