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Unveiling the invisible by photoelectrochemistry

ANR LiCORN (ANR-20-CE29-0006)

In a recent collaborative work, a team of researchers from ISCR (Rennes), FOTON (Rennes), and ISM (Bordeaux) has shown that infrared light, invisible to the human eye, can be converted into visible light at the surface of an electrode immersed in a solution. This concept is based on the use of a photoactive electrode (a semiconductor) and an electrochemical reaction involving a luminophore. When the electrode is excited by infrared light, it generates the excited state of the luminophore that emits visible light at the solid/solution interface. The researchers have demonstrated that this phenomenon can occur over the entire electrode surface or at a selected location and that the conversion can be effective for more than 30 hours. These results are promising for future applications in IR imaging, bioanalysis, and microscopy.


Zhao et al., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., in press, VIP PAPER


Yoan LÉGER, Gabriel LOGET (ISCR), Neso SOJIC (ISM)

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