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mardi 11 décembre 2012

Sy Dat Le soutient sa thèse de doctorat

« Traitement tout-optique du signal à base de nouvelles fibres optiques non-linéaires »

all-optical signal processing ; regeneration ; wavelength conversion ; time demultiplexing ; chalcogenide glass ; microstructured fibers

The growth of optical transmission network capacity leads to a requirement for all-optical signal processing. In this thesis, based on nonlinear effects in optical fibers, three fundamental functions were all-optically demonstrated at high bit-rates. Regeneration of a
160 Gb/s signal was theoretically demonstrated in dense-dispersion-managed silica fibers for the first time. Wavelength conversion and time demultiplexing of optical signals at bit-rates up to 170.8 Gb/s were successfully experimented, also for the first time, by using chalcogenide microstructured fibers. These results show the high potentiality of chalcogenide fibers for all-optical signal processing in the future high-speed transmission systems.

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