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ANR-14-ASTR-0007 project (ANR ASTRID 2014 program)

HYPOCAMP : HYbrid Polarisation controlled and mOnlothic tunable vertical Cavity surface emitting lAser, for eMbedded and comPact optical and microwave systems

october 2014 – october 2017

Widely tunable and compact lasers, emitting at telecommunication wavelength

The aim of the project is to develop a new type of widely tunable and compact lasers, emitting at telecommunication wavelength (fundings supported by DGA). When most of wavelength tunable devices are based on complex in processing membranes, implying excess noise and low processing yields, in this project we we propose to develop monolithic and tunable lasers based on the insertion of a liquid crystal (LC) layer within vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL). The technology will consist on the realization of a micrometer in size LC cell (µ-cell) , in an electrically excited InP based VCSELs, incorporating elongated quantum nanostructures (quantum dashes) to fulfill the LC requirements in terms of polarization control and gain width. We will evaluate device performances within telecom (DWDM) and metrology (with fiber bragg grating optical sensors) civil applications, as well as for optical-microwave conversion and fine spectroscopy measurement regarding defence interests.

The main scientific and technologic objectives of the project are :
- Demonstration of the success in transferring LC µ-cell based technology know-how from Télécom Bretagne to LAAS partners (passive optical filters)
- Realization of electrically excited InP based VCSELs incorporating quantum dashes, based on buried tunnel junction and metamorphic AlAs/GaAs Bragg mirrors.
- Demonstration of widely tunable devices (> 50 nm) emitting at telecom wavelength, by incorporation LC µ-cell on VCSEL under electrical injections
- Demonstration of a fine wavelength tuning of LC µ-cell based VCSEL under optical excitation.

Scientific Production
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(Foton team : OHM)

Foton (Cyril PARANTHOËN / Christophe LEVALLOIS)

ANR : 300 k€

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