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SP Team

Ph.D. scholarship in the area of lasers physics

starting in october 2022 (36 month position)

PhD on ultra-sensitive sensors based on ultra-coherent lasers (source operating at Schawlow-Townes quantum limits)

In many photonic systems, the emitter is a laser source, whose noise becomes the main system limitation, even if it can be considered low. Many laboratories in the world study coherent sources to address different areas of applications : fundamental research (quantum,
gravitational waves...), defense, telecommunications, environment...

A research theme of the Foton Institute concerns coherent sources. We acquire an expertise in the realization of coherent sources. The latest works concern the study of Brillouin lasers at the best state of the art. Thus, we have realized very coherent C-band-tunable sources. We do not know how to characterize these sources in terms of coherence because they are below the noise floor of our characterization bench (sub-mHz intrinsic width and sub-kHz integrated noise). This work has revealed the physics of synchronization by an ultra-coherent laser. This type of source allows significant advances from a scientific and industrial point of view (fundamental study of synchronization processes, instrumentation, realization of sensors,...)


Brillouin lasers, frequency noise, coherency, tunable lasers, mode-locked lasers, sensors




Your application should include :
- Cover letter
- Detailed CV
- Copy of M.Sc. degree or equivalent
- Grade transcripts
- List of publications, if applicable
- Contact details of two references