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Nature Nanotechnology (2021)

Light-activated interlayer contraction in 2D perovskites for high-efficiency solar cells


Correlated charge transport, structural, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and photovoltaic measurements confirm that the onset of the light-induced contraction triggered by hole accumulation is synchronized to a three-fold increase in carrier mobility and conductivity, which is consistent with an increase in the electronic band-dispersion predicted by first principles calculations. Flux dependent space charge limited current measurement reveals that light-induced interlayer contraction activates interlayer charge transport, through a percolation mechanism. The enhanced charge transport boosts the photovoltaic efficiency of 2D perovskite solar cells up to 18.3%.

Jacky EVEN
+33 2 23 23 82 95

Rice University (Houston, USA), Northwestern University (Evanston, USA), Purdue University (West Lafayette, USA), BNL (Brookhaven, USA), ISCR (Rennes, France)


Light-activated interlayer contraction in two-dimensional perovskites for high-efficiency solar cells, W. Li, S. Sidhik, B. Traore, R. Asadpour, J. Hou, H. Zhang, A. Fehr, J. Essman, Y. Wang, J.M. Hoffman, I. Spanopoulos, J.J. Crochet, E. Tsai, J. Strzalka, C. Katan, M.A. Alam, M.G. Kanatzidis, J. Even, J-C. Blancon & A.D. Mohite Nat. Nanotechnol. 2021, hal-03441919

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