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PhD open position in the area of highly coherent visible light sources

starting from September 2023 (36 month position)

Whispering gallery modes microsphere visible light sources based on rare earth ions

Compact highly coherent visible light sources are cornerstones for metrological applications like the implementation of integrated atomic clocks, or for quantum optics applications : sensing, storage, communications or computing. The footprint reduction of quantum photonics components relies on the availability of integrated narrow-linewidth lasers and efficient room-temperature single photon sources. The main difficulties to reach robust room temperature single photon sources lies in the weak fluorescence emission for quantum emitters. To overcome this, one solution consists in introducing quantum emitters in a high finesse optical resonator to enhance the spontaneous emission rate. Thanks to their high-Q factor and small mode volume, microresonators have been identified as model systems to study on the one hand, cavity quantum electrodynamics phenomena and on the other hand, narrow-linewidth and low threshold laser emission. In the near infrared, rare earth doped microsphere resonators have demonstrated their ability to produce optical storage and laser emission. Nevertheless, at visible wavelengths, to date direct in band-pumping scheme has not been reported yet in rare-earth doped microresonators for neither laser emission observation nor single photon source demonstration. We propose through this project to develop compact whispering gallery modes (WGM) microsphere visible light sources based on single quantum emitters. Various materials will be involved like polymer, silicate and fluoride glasses to determine the optimal host matrix to reach the demonstration of a narrow linewidth visible light microsphere laser. In a second step, the single photon counting regime will be investigated through fluorescence measurement of single ions. The objective of this project is to follow up the early stage of lab-to-market technology transfer of integrated atomic clock and quantum optics for which, compact room temperature photonic sources is still lacking.


Yannick DUMEIGE, Stéphane TREBAOL


Please submit your application at your earliest convenience by e-mail to contacts above :

  • Cover letter
  • Detailed CV
  • Copy of M.Sc. degree or equivalent
  • Grade transcripts
  • List of publications, if applicable
  • Contact details of two references