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PhD open position in the area of advanced quantum sensing

starting between 1st October and 1st December 2023 (36 month position)

Quantum sensing, Diamond NV centers, Integrated photonics, Laser Physics

Quantum sciences are currently being turned into technological devices that exploit quantum properties of fundamental particles to push further the socially impactful fields of computing, communication or sensing. Among the impressive diversity of quantum systems that are investigated in this context of quantum technologies, diamond Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centers play a prominent role. Thanks to a singular interplay between optical and spin degrees of freedom, NV centers proved themselves particularly relevant in the field of quantum sensing. During the last decade, NV centers have been employed to build sensitive magnetometers having an unprecedented nanometric spatial resolution 1 . The room temperature operation of NV-based quantum sensors together with its solid-state packaging – the diamond – augur further development of a broad range of sensing applications going from biomedical sciences to industrial nondestructive testing.

To fully realize the huge potential of NV-based quantum sensors and develop new applications, current challenges are to decrease sensors sensitivity down to spin projection noise 2 , to miniaturize their size or again to develop new sensing modalities such as endoscopic or network sensors. Photonic sciences, acting as an enabling technology, represent a clear path to address those challenges. This research direction, which has been recently started at the “Institut FOTON”, is the general context of this PhD.




Your application should include :
- Motivation letter
- Detailed curriculum vitae (CV)
- Educational grades and marks (at university level)
- Publication list if applicable
- Recommendation letters or references of people to contact for recommendation