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Structure of laboratory

3 teams

The research topics are shared by three teams: « DOP », « OHM » and « SP ». They are interdisciplinary, at the intersection of Physics (Optics and Photonics) and of Information and Communication Technology (telecommunications systems, sensor networks)

Addressing topics from the atom to transmission systems requires mastering several technologies that produce and characterize photonics components, before analyzing them for applications and testing them in a system environment. For this reason, Foton collaborates with many laboratories specialized in different technologies.
The laboratory also has its own basic research on materials like polymers, fiber optics, semiconductor components or combining the technologies "3-5" (corresponding to compounds of column 3 and 5 of the periodic table) to silicon material used in the industry of electronics.

- the research topics of the team « laser Dynamics, micrOwave photonics, Polarimetry, terahertz, imaging (DOP) » are mainly on laser optics, microwave photonics, teraHertz & metrology, interferometric sensors, advanced imaging and integrated photonics.

- the research topics of the team « Optoelectronics, Heteroepitaxy and Materials (OHM) » are mainly on semiconductor materials for photonics. It is divided in four groups:

- the research topics of the team « Photonic Systems (SP) » focuses on guided optics, optical functions, characterization of components and systems for optical aspects transmissions and sensors. It has three groups:

The laboratory is located over three sites in Lannion and Rennes. It is strongly associated to two engineering schools (ENSSAT and INSA-Rennes) and to a university institute (IUT Lannion). Foton is relying on their human ressources.