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TeraHertz and metrology

The objective of this research activity is to develop optical means to generate frequency references with high spectral purity in the teraHertz range, with record frequency stability. The applications of such references are high-resolution teraHertz spectroscopy, teraHertz metrology, and heterodyn detection of THz signals at room temperature.

The scientific activities in this domain are closely related to the research carried out in Laser dynamics, and correspond to an extrapolation of our work in Microwave photonics to the teraHertz range.


PhD theses (past/ongoing)
Antoine ROLLAND, « Oscillateurs ultrastables millimétrique et teraHertz par boucle à verrouillage de phase optoélectronique », 2013.
• Gwennaël DANION, « Oscillateur micro-onde à teraHertz ultra-stable », 2015
• Joachim Boerner, « Theoretical and experimental study of ultrastable solid-state laser delivering millimeter wave and teraHertz signals »

• Ayman HALLAL, « Laser impulsionnel à faible gigue »


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